Long term design partners

Gorgias is a San-Francisco based startup focused on providing the best helpdesk product out there. It introduces some unique features to help agents treat support requests more effectively like the possibility to configure automatic responses and the flawless integration with social media channels and most popular services in the e-commerce ecosystem. Its effectiveness is proven by its rapid growth.


Our collaboration began with the design of a new logo. I quickly understood how the product evolved in the last year and how the old identity was no longer a good fit. The challenge was to design a new one that would stand for the scope of the product and hint at the highest ambitions of the team.

UI previews


Next challenge to tackle was the redesign of the product itself. To introduce a new visual theme which evokes professionalism and simplicity. The design needed to incorporate the latest features, be consistent and high-quality in order to provide a swift experience to its users. This required a deep understanding of core functionality and history of the product.